I was privileged enough to have been chosen last year to work on Chimera 10. Chimera is an art and literary journal that is produced at Edinboro University. The journal is composed of fine art, literature, film, and video. For the tenth edition, music was added, making Chimera a fully comprehensive art and literary journal. Our concept was to take the work and put it back into the environment where you would normally find it. For the section on fine art, we created a gallery feel. We did this by giving each piece its’ own spread, allowing for no distractions or interruption from the work that is presented. For the literature section, we set each up as if it was a chapter head in a novel. We started working August 2012 and the journal was released in April of 2013.

Chimera 10 release party

Chimera 10

Chimera 10

Chimera 10

Chimera 10

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Edinboro University’s Senior Design Show

On April 4, 2013, Edinboro University had its’ fifth annual Senior Design Show. This year, Ellen Lupton juried the show. Later that night, she gave a very informative and entertaining lecture. The show was in Bates Gallery in Loveland Hall. Here are a few pictures of the gallery.

Bates Gallery 1

Bates Gallery 2

Bates Gallery 3

That night, Ellen Lupton gave several awards including Best of Show, The Bauhaus Award, Pattern and Design Award, Best New Product, Best Product Catalog, Use Type Responsibly Award, and Best Illustration. I was presented with Best of Show for my D-Day Self Promotion along with the Senior Choice Award.

All of those who received awards with Ellen Lupton.

Award winners

My self-promotion serves as a provisions kit. It contains a guide for day-to-day survival comparing and contrasting the plethora of tools, technology, and terminology that designers and soldiers use on a day-to-day basis. Included is a pouch containing dog tags, which serve as a business card along with a passport, which incorporates my résumé and work samples.

All Components

Dog Tag Business Cards

Hand 2 Hand

X-Acto Knife

Central Intelligence

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